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The Model Alliance (MA) is a not-for-profit labor group for models working in the American fashion industry. Models have an industry voice through the MA.


The Model Alliance believes that models deserve fair treatment in their workplace, and we aim to establish ethical standards that bring real and lasting change to the fashion industry as a whole. We seek to improve the American modeling industry by empowering the models themselves, and we do so by identifing the unique needs of working models in the U.S. and address those needs through expert and confidential support; Educating models and the public about labor abuses in the modeling and fashion industries, and provide a forum that allows models to share their experiences, voice their concerns, and build a community; Organizing models to establish basic rights and protections in their workplace that will enhance the health and vitality of the American fashion industry as a whole.

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The Peter Mayhew Foundation Logo

The Peter Mayhew Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization devoted to the alleviation of disease, pain, suffering, and the financial toll brought on by life's traumatic events. By providing its available resources directly to deserving children and adults in need, we assist numerous charitable organizations in order to promote and  boost their effectiveness and provide support where needed.

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Kids Beating Cancer (KBC) provides resources and support for children with cancer, leukemia and related life-threatening diseases throughout the treatment process, regardless of hospital affiliation. By providing the pre-transplant testing and donor identification, costs never covered by Medicaid and only partially covered by insurance, this testing is provided at no cost at the Kids Beating Cancer Pediatric Transplant Center.

Removing barriers and burdens placed on families that limit their ability to access stem cell transplantation, the best and only hope for a cure for their child is the goal Kids Beating Cancer accomplishes every day.

Kids Beating Cancer is a champion for these special children and their families, who only want what every parent wants: their child to be healthy, to beat cancer and for the family to survive the long journey to a cure.

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